Incorporated Societies Act 2022

This Act replaced the old 1908 Act. It will introduce a number of governance changes. Existing Incorporated Societies have 2.5 years from October 2023 to register as an Incorporated Society under the new Act or cease to exist.

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Some key changes will be:

Let's explore how the 1908 Act stacks up against the 2022 Act, highlighting the significant changes that are shaping the world of incorporated societies.
Here's a breakdown in simpler terms:

Getting Members on Board: Smaller and More Willing

The 2022 Act has trimmed down the required member count from 15 to just 10. And, to make things even clearer, anyone who joins as a new member needs to agree to it. This means everyone is genuinely on board with the society's mission.

Taking Governance Up a Notch: Committees are In

Unlike the 1908 Act, which didn't insist on committees, the 2022 Act is all about having a committee in place. This group, also known as a governing body, makes sure things run smoothly and everyone is on the same page.

Officers Stepping Up: Clearer Duties in Place

Back in 1908, officers didn't have a clear job description. But with the 2022 Act, officers have a crystal-clear list of six important things they need to do. It's like having a roadmap for making sure the society thrives.

    1. Act in good faith and in the best interests of the society.

    2. Exercise powers for proper purposes only.

    3. Comply with the Act and the Constitution/

    4. Exercise reasonable care and diligence.

    5. Not create a substantial risk of serious loss to creditors.

    6. Not incur an obligation the officer doesn't reasonably believe the society can perform.

Sorting Out Differences: Fair Play for Disputes

Unlike the old days when dispute resolution was a bit uncertain, the 2022 Act brings in a solid change. Every society now has to set up a clear process to solve internal disputes. Think of it as a rulebook for handling conflicts in a fair and just way.