Domestic Insurance

If your house and its contents were damaged or destroyed could you afford to replace them?  
In New Zealand we are finding that a number of homes and their contents are under insured. 

As a Risk Intelligence Specialist making a financial recommendation we need to have a reasonable basis for making that recommendation. This means we must conduct an appropriate investigation as to your risk financing goals, Risk Appetite/Tolerance and any particular/unique needs of your business. Any recommendations we make will take this into account.

The information requested in this online assessment is sought to enable a recommendation/s to be made on a reasonable basis, and will be used for that purpose. Although you are free to select products yourself, we strongly advise you to give full and complete information to enable us to provide you with a professional recommendation.

It is recognised that the information you will supply in this document is unique to you and we undertake to keep it confidential. The information will be retained so we can provide ongoing service to you. You have a right under the Privacy Act 2020 to obtain access and to request correction of any personal information held by us about you. To make this request, simply contact us.

We strongly recommend that a Home Valuation and Contents Valuation be completed using the below link, prior to obtaining a full assessment.

Cordell Home Valuation

Click here to complete a Cordell Home Valuation

Contents Valuation

Click here to  find out how much it would cost to replace
your contents.   

Obtain an Assessment

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