Restaurant & Hospitality Scheme

Hospitality businesses face a unique set of challenges and opportunities.
In conjunction with PSC Connect we're here to support and protect your business.

The Restaurant Scheme can do

Public & Products Liability

Property including cover for building, contents, plant, machinery & stock

Business Interruption

Tax Audit Investigation cover

Refrigerated Stock

Machinery Breakdown

Employment Practices

Statutory liability in Health & Safety

Directors & Officers

Crime (Money, Theft & theft by staff)

Liability Consequential Loss Cover

Workplace Contact Cash Injection

Specified Infectious Disease Quarantine Allowance - Insured Person Diagnosed

Specified Infectious Disease Quarantine Allowance - Spouse/Dependent Children Diagnosed
Major Event Booster
Serious Accident response - For Death and Disablement


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    Frequent Claims

    Refrigerated Stock

    From the smallest café through to the larger restaurant, hospitality business rely on refrigerated stock, yet cover for deterioration is not always included under a standard policy. The Restaurant & Hospitality Scheme can cover losses from chiller breakdown or accidental shut down.

    TIP: A regular checking and maintenance program will help reduce the risk of a breakdown in chillers and compressors that could cause a loss of stock.


    For hospitality businesses, key assets are always on display. Whether it's cash or stock, we can cover losses when security is breached.

    TIP: Install a professionally monitored alarm and security camera system. Install secure deadbolt deadlocks on all doors, and install a safe that is bolted to the ground and kept in a securely locked office.

    Fire from self-combusting materials

    Cafes and restaurants often face a heighted risk of fire from the simplest of tasks, such as drying tea towels. Our claims team works fast to get businesses back up and running as quickly as possible when the unexpected happens.

    TIP: If drying towels on premise, separate and fold them as soon as they come out of the dryer. This cools them down and reduces the chances of self-combustion.

    Liability Consequential Loss

    Bars and restaurants face potential risks that are unique to the hospitality industry. A liquor licence is often essential for trade, but could be suspended if a staff member sells alcohol to an underage customer. Liability Consequential loss protects against financial losses following business interruption that occurs as a result of a valid claim under the General, Statutory or Employers Liability sections.

    TIP: Ensure all staff receive regular training on liquor licencing laws.

    Machinery Breakdown

    From coffee machines to dishwashers, we understand that one small issue can quickly have a significant impact on the viability of the business. Our broad cover ensures a rapid response when time is of the essence.

    TIP: Many claims are as a result of improper use. Ensure all staff that use machinery complete proper training.

    Employment Practices

    Employees taking legal action for unfair dismissal or personal grievances are not uncommon in the hospitality industry. The Restaurant & Hospitality Scheme includes Employment Practices Liability Coverage.

    TIP: Ensure up-to-date employment contracts are in place for all staff that provide a clear understanding of role requirements.